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Save Time. Save Money. Save Lives.

EZYiD’s cloud based Asset Management Platform paired with our RFID technology is the easy way to improve workforce productivity, increase asset’s lifespans in the field and protect your users from preventable hazards and injury.

Why EZYiD?

  • Made for industry, by industry

    EZYiD was developed by industry experts with over 25 years’ experience, creating a tailored platform to meet the requirements for safer, more productive and compliance work forces.​

  • Simple, single, source of truth for compliance

    By digitising your asset data, automating your workflows and applying checklists to capture and reduce human errors; asset owners, service providers and regulators are assured accuracy and integrity in the compliance and safety process.​

  • On-the-go asset management in the palm of your hand

    The Remote Worker App allows users to check asset statuses, complete on-site inspections and report asset faults and issues in real-time, encouraging safer practices and enriching worker safety confidence.

Key Features

Digital Transformation

Quickly migrate assets from your current excel or other asset register with our EZYiD Bulk Upload template.

Asset Identification

Search for your assets by their serial number, custom ID or with the EZYiD RFID Tag identifier.

Bulk Updates & Inspections

Bulk update asset data and inspection protocols to suit customer and site requirements.

Inspection Checklists

Complete inspections using our OEM in-built inspection checklists, or by creating custom checklists to suit your companies needs.

Global Product Catalogues

Create assets from our OEM product databases to maintain data integrity across it’s lifespan, including automatic data updates and safety notices.

Task Assignment & Scheduling

Schedule tasks and jobs for any asset or site related activities.


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