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Corrective Maintenance vs Preventive Maintenance

Corrective maintenance is a maintenance task performed to identify, isolate, and rectify a fault so that the failed equipment, machine, or system can be restored to an operational condition within the tolerances or limits established for in-service operations. Simplified, corrective maintenance focuses on diagnosing and fixing broken assets.

Preventive maintenance (or preventative maintenance) is work that is performed regularly (on a scheduled basis) in order to minimize the chance that a certain piece of equipment will fail and cause costly unscheduled downtime. Preventative maintenance is hence performed while the equipment is still in working condition.

A recent study by Jones Lang LaSelle highlights how a telecommunications company saw a 545% return on investment (ROI) when implementing a preventive maintenance plan.



Your equipment is your livelihood – this applies whether you are the local handyman or the largest landscaping company.

We know that a critical machine out of operation could cost you thousands – as well as your reputation.

Regular preventative maintenance is essential to avoid equipment issues before they can cause serious problems.


  • Mitigates risk of equipment breakdowns that will cause costly unscheduled downtime
  • Ensures maximum efficiency & safety of equipment
  • Provides you maximum ROI of your assets
  • Minimizes servicing downtime through utilization of scheduled maintenance bookings
  • Minimizes number of major repairs


Preventative maintenance program proprosal

Business owners & operators rarely have time to create their own preventative maintenance programs. We can change that.

Speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members today to learn about becoming a Stihl Shop Osborne Park Service Member & how this can benefit your business.

SSOP Service Member benefits

  • Discounted preventative servicing rates
  • Guaranteed 24-Hour turnaround for scheduled preventative maintenance bookings
  • Tailored servicing schedule specifically designed for your unique requirements
  • Monthly payments to mitigate cashflow issues
  • Service & Repair reports provided for every machine
  • On-the-go maintenance information leaflets to provide your operators with the knowledge required to keep their machines performing between scheduled maintenance bookings
  • Jump the Queue Allowance for any unscheduled breakdowns
  • Ethical disposal of written-off equipment allowance
  • Purchasing Discounts on new machines
  • Pick-Up & Drop-Off Service available
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