Why should I service my equipment regularly?

It is important to regularly service your equipment to ensure long term performance and value for your investment.

If your machine is not maintained regularly, it has the potential to fail – this tends to happen when you need it most, costing you; your valuable time, business reputation or both!

Please see our Service & Repair Menu below for our standard servicing rates.

Commercial Servicing Information

What is involved in a service?

A service can only be performed on machines in good working order. If your machine is not in good working order this will be classified as a repair. You can request minor repairs with your Full Service, these will be performed for additional cost.

Your equipment will be initially tested – we do this to gain a general overview of the machine’s performance and diagnose any issues that may have been missed during the booking procedure. Testing may include running of the machine, and if its carburetor is electronically controlled - it will also be run through our diagnostics software.

If the machine is in good working order, the Full Service will proceed. If any major unforeseen issues arise, we will contact you to discuss options for repair.

  • The fuel tank will be drained of old fuel, flushed & refilled with fresh fuel. All 4-Stroke engines will also receive an oil change.
  • Your machine will then have all filters replaced or cleaned as required – including; air, fuel & oil.
  • Chainsaw’s will have bars re-dressed & chains sharpened.
  • With fresh fuel, oil & filters, your machine will now be tested & tuned to ensure it’s at peak performance.
  • Our final step is to clean your machine.
  • Upon completion of the service, you will receive an SMS advising your machine is ready to collect.