What do we sharpen?

We can sharpen most outdoor tools. Including, but not limited to; chainsaws, hedge-trimmers, chipper knives, secateurs, hedge-shears, axes and more!
Each tool utilizes a different style of edge – and each edge can require a different set of tools and/or techniques for sharpening.
As an example, compare Chef’s-Knives to Axes.

The kitchen knife is preferable to have a featheredge on a Full-Flat-Grind, so you can cut paper thin tomatoes like Jamie Oliver. However, this same type of grind on an Axe would be ineffective – as the featheredge that is desirable on a kitchen-knife would only cause your Axe head to chip on impact.

Instead, generally most axes will use a Convex grind – one of the most durable edges, which also holds an edge for much longer. This is necessary for high impact tools.

Our workshop team can get your edge back – ensuring you have the sharpest tools in your shed.

Unsure if we can sharpen your tools? Send a photo to our friendly team and we will get back to you!