Notch Rope Runner Pro – Limited Edition PURPLE

Notch Pro Runner Pro Limited Edition Purple



Designed by Notch with original inventor Kevin Bingham, the Notch Rope Runner Pro has enhanced ergonomics and rope friendly edges. The Notch Rope Runner Pro is the ultimate work positioning device.

  • Incredibly easy SRT or DRT climbing
  • Unparalleled smooth one-hand descent
  • Fully mid-line attachable (stays in one piece!)
  • Rope friendly edges
  • Flattened ‘bird’ sections for comfort when descending
  • Multiple friction settings
  • Integrated central tending point for attachment to a chest harness
  • Improved sealed ball bearing pulley
  • Designed by Notch with original inventor Kevin Bingham
  • Internal spring keeps it safe from dirt and debris
  • Slic pins keep all of the parts together when the device is opened


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Technical Data

  • Rope Compatibility: 11 – 13 mm
  • Working Load Limit: 308 lbs. (140 kg)
  • Weight: 15 oz. (425 g)
  • Materials: Hot-forged aluminum, stainless steel, nylon




Standard Features