SILKY Pocket Boy Extra- Fine Tooth Folding Saw/Blade PURPLE

The Silky Pocketboy Folding Saws have four different colours for the different tooth sizes. The saws are designed to cut on the pull stroke. The blades are made out of a high carbon SK4 steel, which is very strong but also quite flexible, which is very important in a hand saw. The blades are chromed to give them protection from rust and resin.

The handles are made out of a special rubber called GOM and it is extremely comfortable to hold. It provides very good grip, even when your hands are damp.

Everything on the Silky saws are replaceable. There are 4 tooth sizes in the Pocketboy range and these blades are interchangeable with the handles.

So if you would like this saw which is ideal for general and larger limb pruning, you could also purchase a replacement blade of the medium tooth which is ideal for carpentry and bamboo.

The Pocketboy is available in four different teeth configurations:

Large (8 teeth per 30 mm) – also available with curved blade
Medium (10 teeth per 30 mm)
Fine (20 teeth per 30 mm)
Extra fine (26 teeth per 30 mm)

The screw can easily be unscrewed without needing tools, so that you can have one saw for multiple purposes, as the blades are interchangeable. The Pocketboy is standard delivered in a transparent hard case with belt clip.

Extra Fine Tooth Purple

  • Authentic Premium Japanese Steel
  • Blade length: 130 mm
  • Teeth: 26 teeth per 30 mm
  • Dimensions unfolded: 290 x 60 x 25 mm
  • Dimensions folded: 170 x 55 x 25 mm
  • Weight: 165 g
  • Kerf: 0.85 mm


Technical Data

Knife / Blade

130mm Blade Only, 170 Blade Only, 130mm Knife, 170mm Knife