STIHL KGA770 Battery Sweeping Machine SKIN ONLY

KGA 770 – Tool – Battery Sweeper –

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Technical Data

  • Weight 16 kg
  • Theoretical sweeping performance 3250 m/h
  • Volume, waste container 50 l
  • Sweeping width 770 mm
  • Battery lifeg time AP 115 up to 105 min
  • Battery life time AP 180 up to 180 min
  • Battery life time AP 300 up to 210 min
  • Sound pressure level 64 dB(A)
  • Sweeping width 77 cm
  • Sound pressure level 64 dB(A)

Standard Features

Ergonomic push handle

The sweeper is effortless to push and can easily be adapted to users of different heights. The handle can also be removed for easy transport.

Robust bristles

The long-lasting bristles are made of durable nylon.

Central height adjustment

With central height adjustment, you can easily adjust the height of the bristles, ensuring an optimal sweeping result for all kinds of different surfaces.


The MultiClean PLUS system ensures the sweeping machine can handle all kinds of dirt, cans, plastic bottles. Heavy and wet debris are also no problem. The system also takes care of very fine dust. Debris is brushed up in front of the machine before gets caught under the tool.

Rotating brush roller

The roller brush allows any fine dust not collected by the bristles to be swept into the waste container.