OCUN Thor Access Harness – 4Q BLACK

OCUN Thor Access Harness 4Q M-L Black


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Technical Data

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  • Ocun Thor Access Harness is the lightest full-body harness on the market, very comfortable
  • It has an integrated chest ascender, ideal for rope access
  • Four quick buckles – 2 on the waist and 2 on legs, for quick donning and fastening.
  • Easily interchangeable due to its 4-in-1 modular system. No need to replace the whole harness, just swap out the decommissioned part.
  • Lightweight, breathable, non-absorbent padding thanks to their WeBee technology ensuring durable comfort
  • Unique serial number on individual parts for precise safety management and PPE inspections
  • Easy to clean and fully washable padding

Size Table:

SIZE M–L (cm) L–XL (cm)
LEGS   50–60   55–70
WAIST   70–110   90–130
HEIGHT   155–185   180–205