STIHL GHE135 L Electric Garden Shredder

GHE 135 Garden Shredder

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Technical Data

  • Max. branch thickness up to 35 mm
  • Nominal speed 40 U/min
  • Rated voltage 230 V
  • Nominal output 2000 W
  • Cutting tool Cutting roller

Standard Features

Integrated shredder bag

The transparent shredder bag is built into this silent electric shredder. It can hold up to 60 litres of clippings and has recessed grips for practical handling. For your safety, the STIHL garden shredder can only be operated when the catcher box is inserted correctly.

Cloverleaf opening

The cloverleaf opening in the feed chute makes it easier to feed branch material into the STIHL garden shredder and ensures maximum operating safety. Even branch material with side shoots and twigs can be fed easily into the wide opening and shredded efficiently. Soft clippings can be inserted through the adjacent rectangular opening on the garden shredder.

Blade roller

The crushing device on the STIHL electric shredder is equipped with a robust, low-speed blade roller. The roller draws in branches and twigs at only 40 revolutions per minute while operating smoothly and silently. Should any branches become stuck, the automatic reverse function conveniently dislodges the offending clippings.