STIHL FSA90-R Battery Brushcutter AutoCut 25-2 – Skin Only

STIHL FSA90-R Battery Brushcutter AutoCut 25-2 – Skin Only.
With a 63cm cutting width, very robust design and fewer maintenance requirements than a petrol mower, the RMA 765 V is a serious option for professionals to reduce operating costs and operate flexibly with low noise and zero emissions during operation. Powered by either the new AR 2000 L/AR 3000 L or AP 300/AP 300 S batteries in the ADA 700 adapter, the RMA 765 V can mow up to 3,100m² on a single charge (using the AR 3000 L).

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Technical Data

  • Total length 1774 mm
  • Weight 2.8 kg
  • Vibration level, right 3.5 m/s
  • Cutting diameter 380 mm
  • Rated voltage 36 V
  • Cutting Head Type AutoCut 25-2

Standard Features


STIHL ECOSPEED enables the user to control the brushcutter engine speed individually on the operating handle.

Loop handle

The loop handle is ideal for working in confined spaces, eg tidying between shrubs and bushes.

Storage hole

Located in the handle frame you will find a slot used for storing the Grass Trimmer safely onto a wall after use.


With the EC-Motor it is possible to get 55% more power from the battery. In addition to this the motor conserves battery energy and extends the lifetime up to 70%. The motor is very light, compact and has very low wear characteristics.

Lock leaver

The Grass Trimmer has a lock lever located near the throttle switch. This prevents the motor from running unintentionally.

Battery charger

You can choose between two battery chargers: The AL 101 Standard Charger and the AL 300 Fast Charger which charges the AP 200 battery (55 min charging time).