Atom 315 Battery Lawn Edger

Atom 315 Edger 2.5ah Battery


Technical Data


  • Motor Pod: Atom designed & made in Australia with Australian components and imported brushless Motor and electronic control components.
  • Max power rating: 900 watt
  • Battery: Lithium 58v 2.5AH and 5AH
  • Cutting blades: Exclusive 4-bladed hardened spring steel long life system 271mm (10 2/3”) long
  • Max edging depth garden plots: 75mm (3”).
  • Clutch system: Automatic centrifugal clutch.
  • Gear box reduction: 3.54:1 hardened spiral gears
  • Wheel: Large easy rolling 150mm (6”) wheel. Very maneuverable.
  • Power Drive: Fully enclosed solid precision 12mm dia. shafts with 4 sealed bearings (no belts).
  • Weight: 7.7kg (17.4lbs) with 2.5AH battery.

Added bonus, long blade depth for edging garden plots. The lightweight and maneuverable design is perfect for edging any garden.

See through showing section of precision ground solid steel drive shaft with ball bearings and hardened precision Spiral Bevel gears.