Atom 586 2 Stroke Edger

Atom 586 TLE48 2 Stroke Edger


Technical Data


  • Engine: Japanese TLE-48 Mitsubishi 2-Stroke engine 48cc. Certified to meet Euro 5 emission requirements
  • Max power rating: 1.8kw (2.4hp)
  • Fuel: unleaded petrol – oil mix 50:1
  • Cutting blades: Exclusive 4-bladed hardened spring steel long life system 271mm (10 2/3”) long
  • Max edging depth garden plots: 75mm (3”)
  • Wheel: Very manoeuvrable commercial rubber tyre wheel with premium sealed ball bearings
  • Gear box reduction: 3.54:1 heavy duty hardened precision cut steel spiral bevel gears
  • Power Drive: Solid precision 12mm diameter shafts with 7 sealed ball bearings (no belts)
  • Positive 6 position wheel height adjustment arm with wear proof rubber bushings
  • Clutch system: Automatic centrifugal clutch
  • Weight: 9kg (20lbs).

Added bonus, long blade depth for edging garden plots. The lightweight and manoeuvrable design is perfect for edging any garden.

Cutaway (Atom Professional 586) showing section of precision ground solid steel drive shaft with very tough hardened steel machine cut precision Spiral Bevel 3.54:1 reduction gears for high torque to drive long blades. Four ball bearings transmission shaft and 3 bearings blade shaft.


Atom 586 Professional Edger with Operator Comfort seven point inbuilt anti-vibration system for continuous long machine use. Some operators edge up to 8kms (5 miles) per day.