DMM Pinto Spacer

Pulley spares include RPM and Keanu Trolley components, plus Pinto and Pinto Rig Spacers.



Technical Data


  • Product Name: Pinto Spacer 12mm | Pinto Rig Spacer 14mm
  • Product Code: PUL110-SPA | PUL120-SPA
  • Color: Red
  • Dimensions: 16.5mm ID x 12.5mm | 16.5mm ID x 14.5mm
  • Weight: 11g | 12g

Standard Features

Pinto Spacer 12mm

PUL110-SPAMGMatt Grey16.5mm ID x 12.5mm11g

Pinto Rig Spacer 14mm

PUL120-SPAMGMatt Grey16.5mm ID x 14.5mm12g

Product Name Product Code Colour Dimensions Weight
Pinto Spacer 12mm PUL110-SPA Red 16.5mm ID x 12.5mm 11g
Pinto Rig Spacer 14mm PUL120-SPA Red 16.5mm ID x 14.5mm 12g
Keanu Trolley Joining Kit TR420-KIT 540g
Keanu Pip Pin S200-15 Black/Red 34mm x 74mm 44g
Keanu Trolley Rig Plate Kit TR400-RIG-KIT 408g
RPM E2E 6mm Ocean Vectran Prusik 65cm SW280 Green/Yellow 65g
DMM 10mm Sirius Rope 15m RP920BK-15 Black/Green 1.13kg
DMM 10mm Sirius Rope 30m RP920BK-30 Black/Green 2.27kg