Mini Machined 1.1″ Pulley Double

Rock Exotica P21D Mini 1.1 Pulley Double-Black

*Please note: the Machined Pulleys are currently available in black only.

The Machined Mini and Rescue Pulleys are designed and manufactured like no other pulley in the world. Starting as a block of solid T6 aluminum, the sideplates for the pulley are milled in such a way as to leave material where it’s needed most for strength.

The integrated axle also allows the pulley to use a custom manufactured threaded bolt which is countersunk into the sideplate, giving the pulley a unique snag-resistant profile. These one-of-a-kind features are the basis for the Machined Pulley’s impressive strength, slim profile and a quality of manufacture that is second to none.

  • Recessed axle screw sits flush to pulley sideplates, creating slim, snag-free profile.
  • Machined—not stamped parts, create a stronger pulley, increasing its strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Axle is integrated into sideplates, adding additional strength and rigidity to the pulley.
  • Machined sideplates allow for a more compact design while maintaining the same rope capacity of other pulleys.
  • Utilizes high-efficiency bearings

Weight / MBS / WLL / Max Rope / Cert

1.1″ Mini Single        2.9 oz (83 gm) | 30kN | 5kN | .43″ (11mm) | CE
1.1″ Mini Double      5.0 oz (141gm) | 36kN | 8kN | .43″ (11mm) | CE
1.5″ Rescue Single    5.1 oz (144gm) | 36kN | 8kN | .5″ (13mm) | CE
1.5″ Rescue Double 9.0 oz (254gm) | 36kN | 8kN | .5″ (13mm) | CE


Technical Data


  • Weight: 2.9 oz (83 gm)
  • Breaking Strength: 2 x 15 kN=30 kN
  • Working Load: 2 x 2.5kN=5 kN
  • Max Rope: 11 mm
  • Sheave Diameter: 1.1” (21 mm)
  • Certification: CE, UIAA