Rock Exotica Akimbo Mid-Line

Rock Exotica Akimbo Mid-Line


Technical Data

  • Part Number: RG80
  • Rope Sizes*: 11.5mm – 13mm
  • WLL (Working Load Limit)*: 100kg or 130kg (220lb or 286lb)
  • Weight: 9.2oz (261gm)
  • Certification: CE


The following ropes are approved for use with the Akimbo at the Working Load Limit (WLL) shown below. Only approved ropes should be used with the Akimbo. Working Load is equal to the total weight of the climber including gear. Total Working Load of the climber must not exceed the Working Load Limit (WLL) for the rope listed below or slippage may occur!

Suitability of approved ropes can be affected by environmental factors, condition of rope, and condition of Akimbo. Follow steps in the Akimbo User Instructions to test rope and verify friction settings before climbing. Check often for updates to the list of approved ropes.