SILKY Gomtaro Fine Tooth Spare Blade

This saw is designed for pruning medium to small branches. It has a tooth style which will cut dense and dry timbers with ease. It has a hollow ground blade, which reduces friction when cutting. This allows the cutting stroke to feel very easy and fast.

The teeth are not set, they are what Silky call a Mirai-Me tooth style. This style of tooth creates a very smooth cut which leaves the branch so smooth that it will appear as though it has been given a light sand. This benefits the tree by reducing the chance of water and bacteria sitting in grooves in the cut therefore allowing infection into the wound. This style of tooth also creates a wider cut in the timber than the width of the blade, reducing friction and the chance of the blade jamming in the cut.

The blades are made out of a very strong but flexible high carbon steel, which is very important in a hand saw. The blades are also coated to give them some protection from rust and resin. The handles are made from a special rubber designed by Silky Japan. It is called GOM and it is extremely comfortable to hold. It absorbs a lot of the vibrations when cutting and forges a very good grip, even when your hands are damp.


Technical Data


240mm, 270mm