STIHL RE110 Electric High Pressure Cleaner

RE 110 High Pressure Cleaner

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Technical Data

  • Rated Voltage 240 V/Hz
  • Power Consumption 1.7 W
  • Max. water supply temperature 40 C
  • Weight 17.6 kg
  • Operating pressure 110 bar
  • Power cable length 5 m
  • Maximum pressure 120 bar
  • High Pressure Hose 7 m

Standard Features

Rotary nozzle

Powerful rotary nozzle for tackling stubborn dirt on hard-wearing surfaces. The rotary motion combines the cleaning power of a concentrated pencil jet with the capacity to clean large areas.

Fan jet nozzle, adjustable pressure

Fan jet nozzle with pressure regulation to clean different types of surfaces quickly and effectively

Practical storage compartment

The storage compartment on the side of the tool provides several options for the practical and protected storage of the nozzles and power cable.

Cable hook

The two cable hooks allow the cable to be wound up and stored neatly and securely on the tool. The rotatable orange cable hook enables release of the entire cable in one go gone are the days of tedious unwinding.

Induction motor

The sturdy, brushless induction motor offers superb performance and long service life.

Aluminium high-pressure pump

Sturdy and durable aluminium high-pressure pump of superior quality.